What Makes Us Unique

There’s a lot that sets us apart from traditional services. Here are just a few of our special features:

  • 100% Virtual

    Virtual visits increase safety and convenience for both seniors and students. Visit from the comfort of your home

  • Focus on Relationships, not Activities

    It's easy to occupy someone's time by reading a book or watching a movie, but loneliness is addressed through friendships. Our students are trained and screened to ensure they are effective relationship builders.

  • One Senior at a Time

    Our volunteers meet with one senior at a time, because each senior deserves 100% of their attention.

  • Training

    Our volunteers are trained about effective ways to communicate with seniors experiencing cognitive decline. Training is live, so we can respond to questions, and confirm that our volunteers understand the responsibility that they're assuming.

  • Volunteer Screening

    Not everyone is able to effectively communicate. After our training is complete, volunteers participate in simulations to ensure that they're able to incorporate our training into their visits.

  • Conversations Stimulate

    We're all about quality conversations. Communication stimulates the mind, which is good for mental health.

  • Weekly Visits

    Seniors and their caregivers set the time of the visit, and we find the volunteers that will be available then. Our volunteers visit each week on the same day, at the same time. There are no forgotten visits. Our staff will remind the senior each week of their approaching call, and ensure that all of the expected students are present.

  • Real Time Support

    We have support personnel who are available to help both seniors and our volunteers with any unexpected issues that may arise. In emergencies, issues can be escalated immediately.

  • Individualized Focus

    Our volunteers are trained to recognize that some seniors want to talk a lot, and others are more withdrawn. Each week, they will recognize the demeanor of the senior, and adjust accordingly. Quiet seniors are welcome. Volunteers will keep the conversation going, and still keep the senior the center of attention.