Our Roles

Virtual Visit Volunteer

Our virtual visit volunteers are young adults who participate in video visits with seniors every week on our online platform. Each week, they return to meet with the same senior to share stories about what is going on in their lives. We’re looking for outgoing, chatty volunteers who can commit to one hour visits each week on the same day and time, for a minimum of 16 weeks. The goal of these visits is to create intergenerational relationships between senior citizens and young college students.

Training: 90 minute webinar, 10 minute video, and 45 minute virtual simulation.
Weekly commitment: 1 hour.

Student Outreach

Student outreach volunteers commit to working 10 hours per week for a minimum of 16 weeks. These volunteers work to spread the word about Conversations to Remember to new college students to encourage them to join our organization to help more seniors.

Training: 90 minute webinar; 1 hour video, & 1 hour small group virtual training.
Weekly commitment: minimum of 10 hours.

Senior Outreach

Senior Outreach volunteers help share our program information with new seniors around the country. They will provide information about our program’s benefits to seniors, as well as to a variety of stakeholders in the senior community, and assist them with joining our program.

Training: 90 minute webinar, 1 hour small group training, 1 hour private training.
Weekly commitment: minimum of 10 hours.

Project Management

Project Management volunteers will assist in activity management and resource management for various projects. A project management background is required for this position.

Training: 90 minute webinar. More, depending on role.
Weekly commitment: minimum of 10 hours.

Newsletter Production

Volunteers assisting with our newsletter production will take on responsibilities from writing articles, to editing articles, and creating the publication. Volunteers must have excellent writing skills. Samples will be requested.

Training: 90 minute webinar.
Monthly commitment: 
minimum of 10 hours.

Social Media

Volunteers help raise awareness about Conversations to Remember and the need to help seniors suffering from social isolation. They engage with students, caregivers, and families to foster community support. They will share stories about current visits and feedback we’re receiving, tailored to the specific audience we target on different platforms. This position requires the ability to create graphics. Portfolio submission required.

Training: 90 minute webinar; weekly feedback and mentoring.
Weekly commitment: minimum of 15 hours.