Virtual Visit Feedback

Feedback must be submitted within two days of call.

Thank you for volunteering with Conversations to Remember. Please complete and submit this form each week after you have completed your virtual visit. We use this information to track your volunteer hours, which will allow us to certify your hours should you need that at any time in the future. Also, please let us know if there were any technical problems on your call or if anything occurred during your virtual visit that concerns you.

Feedback reports must be submitted within 24 hours of the virtual visit with the senior.

Feedback reports cannot be filed for future visits.


Volunteers will receive a minimum of one hour of community service for each call, as long as they arrived on time, and were prepared to stay for a full hour. If the call lasts longer than an hour, volunteers should take community service credit for the actual length of the call.
Please report the community service hours you're claiming, as well as the amount of time that the senior was actually present on the call.

Please direct message Eve on our chat service to let her know that you will not be attending.