Virtual Visits 2.0

Conversations to Remember has rolled out new software to support our virtual visits. This new chat system is being used already to identify new volunteers for our visits. Instead of asking everyone for their availability at the start of each semester and then relying on that information being accurate, we are now reaching out to all of our volunteers when new openings are available, and they can respond based on their current availability. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll be expanding our use of the chat system to support our volunteers on each of their virtual visits. The system will reach out to volunteers to alert them of their approaching visits, and even allow them to join the visit with the click of a button. No more remembering meeting codes – unless volunteers choose to continue using the traditional method for joining calls. Each virtual visit will also have a private chat room dedicated to it. From that room, volunteers can join the visit or jump to our virtual visit feedback form. They will also be able to use the room to plan for the week’s call, and will be able to reach out to us if they need support in the middle of the call. 

By this time, all current volunteers who have completed their training should have been invited to the new system. Anyone who wants to be placed on a new call or is active on a call must start using our new tool. We currently have applications for IOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac. The system is also available via a browser-based interface. Anyone who needs an invitation to register should reach out to us at