C2R: 2022 Directions

Conversations to Remember ended 2021 on a strong note and has even more in store for 2022.

Our first annual Talk-a-thon event was a success on multiple levels. First, the Talk-a-thon raised over $18,000 for the program, with participants fundraising even after the December 15th end date. This is in addition to Facebook donations and campaigns that continue to raise money. Aside from donations, the Talk-a-thon was able to raise a substantial amount of awareness as well as engage people of all ages, from young children to senior citizens, allowing senior citizens to feel cared for during the holiday season. 

One assisted living community that Conversations to Remember holds video calls with shared a touching story: The senior residents at the community called other senior citizens from their phonebooks every day from December 1st to December 15th. The seniors calling other seniors were able to bring happiness both to themselves, by reconnecting with those they had not recently spoken with, as well as bringing holiday season joy to the seniors who received the phone calls.  

The 2021 Talk-a-thon was Conversations to Remember’s first annual Talk-a-thon, and we intend to continue with the second annual event in 2022. The dates are still to be determined, based on feedback from participants and communities who participated in 2021. 

As for other 2022 plans, Conversations to Remember is focused on continuing to expand its presence nationally. Over the next year, Conversations to Remember hopes to bring more senior citizens, both living in communities and at home with family or private caregivers, into the program to participate in weekly video calls. Additionally, Conversations to Remember intends to enlist more student volunteers from high schools and universities to engage in weekly video calls, as well as adult volunteers to serve in support roles — there is no upper age limit for anyone looking for volunteer opportunities. 

With a successful year in the rearview mirror, Conversations to Remember is ready to tackle 2022 at full force.