Valentina Doukeris

Upcoming Dementia Research

New research about the causes of dementia and possible preventative methods looks promising. One main focus of research relating to Alzheimer’s is amyloid beta and tau proteins. Amyloid beta proteins are amino acid chains that make up amyloid plaques in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Tau proteins are mainly found in neurons and …

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C2R: 2022 Directions

Conversations to Remember ended 2021 on a strong note and has even more in store for 2022. Our first annual Talk-a-thon event was a success on multiple levels. First, the Talk-a-thon raised over $18,000 for the program, with participants fundraising even after the December 15th end date. This is in addition to Facebook donations and …

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Talk-a-thon 2021

December 1st — The first annual Conversations to Remember Talk-a-thon officially begins today! Participants have been registering and fundraising for a few weeks already, with more than $10,000 raised towards the final goal of $100,000 for the organization. The money raised will go towards training students and supplying technology to needy seniors, building out our …

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