Volunteer Information

As a volunteer with Conversations to Remember you, along with one or two peers, will spend an hour each week in a virtual meeting with a dementia patient at an assisted living community. There are many types of dementia, so each person will be different, but they will generally be forgetful, and sometimes not living the same reality as you and me. Those whom you will interact with will be of higher cognitive functioning than many with the disease, but they are impaired. If you choose to join us in helping to offer dementia patients conversations they ordinarily don’t get to have, you will partake in a short instructional meeting that will provide a basic understanding of how to interact with people in this condition. Now more than ever, this can benefit these residents because they are highly isolated due to COVID-19. It is not only an opportunity for you to make someone who barely gets to speak with teenagers and young adults happy, but interacting with people of this older generation who are going through this hard disease is beneficial for volunteers too. There is no better way to improve character than by experiencing and supporting those in unfortunate situations, and that is what you will get to do. Lastly, being a part of such a unique program will set you apart from others both socially, through character growth, and on a resume. We hope you will come volunteer with us and help in furthering our goal of making lasting handprints on dementia patients’ hearts by giving them an opportunity to speak with you, and helping you to grow.